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The Woombie is every mother's dream. These baby products are all designed with the theme “Swaddle Snuggle Sleep®”. The swaddle technique is a known technique used by mothers to wrap their newborn baby in a blanket tightly enough to make the baby feel as if they are being held and cuddled by their parents even if they are laying alone in their craddle. The Woombie is designed with its comfortable stretch fabric and fitted shape to create a warm enviorment for the baby to sleep in. The Woombie allows babys to sleep almost double the amount of time by keeping them wrapped up rather than consistently rolling around causing their blankets to fall off and be cold screaming to get re-swaddled. Also as babies mature and begin to start kicking many times blankets end up on babies faces causing a danger for suffocation. Keeping the baby in their Woombie creates a peaceful and comfortable enviorment for them to have a good night sleep, keeping the baby, the mother, and everyone else in the household rested and sane.