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Exuviance, a company specializing in cosmetic dermatology, is a front runner in this field.  Their innovative products, such as the first glycolic peel have improved the field of skin care.  Known by dermatologists worldwide, Exuviance discovered the incredible rejuvenating powers of Alpha Hydroxy, Polyhydroxy and Bionic acids.  Research has confirmed results and verifies that working with these ingredients and these discoveries have assisted people worldwide.

The specific formulas of Exuviance products are carefully designed to address all skin care needs and skin types using the ingredients and their concentration to take full advantage of all of their positive effects.  Thoroughly researched and specially formulated treatments address specific concerns of customers to maximize results and performance.  Anti-aging is a broad category and individual products address individual aspects of the issue.

Exuviance products have been reviewed and evaluated in every major medical cosmetology publication.  They are among the best products available to correct the visible signs of aging, containing powerful, effective ingredients that are specially combined to work with your skins needs. The Exuviance line will transform your skin care routine, making you feel pampered and looking better with targeted products for your skin type. The products will make your skin look younger, softer and rejuvenated.