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Clinicians Complex is a highly effective family of anti-aging skin care products designed to penetrate the surface of the skin and infuse it with rich treatment elements. It is much more than a standard group of anti-wrinkle creams; it is a comprehensive anti-aging skin care system that is specially formulated to treat the unique chemistry of your skin. The result is fresher, smoother skin that is healthy and supple to the touch.

Clinicans Comple skin care is distributed exclusively within the United States by COSMED Dermaceuticals, Inc. COSMED is a family-owned business. Since 1991, they have been creating medically-oriented skin rejuvenation products using their extensive knowledge in the dermatological, nursing, cosmeceutical and skin rejuvenation fields. Clinicians Complex is considered a medical line, targeting skin rejuvenation. Clinicians Complex products are only available and sold only through clinicians, medical spas and other skin care professionals. The company only uses the latest developments in cosmecutical skin care technology and contain only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade, anti-aging ingredients backed by science.