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Tricomin® is a company that can give you a healthy head of hair. Scientifically crafted for both men and women, its products are formulated with Triamino Copper Complex™, a patented blend of copper and essential amino acids. Tricomin® is formulated by the same company that first established that copper preserves and restores health to the skin and hair. Its groundbreaking, innovative, Copper Peptide Complex®  and Triamino Copper Complex™ technologies have been validated in controlled clinical studies and are now considered fundamental to the future of skin and hair health. As of September 2016, Tricomin became a part of Pharma Cosmetics, a privately held company.

Copper is a key element in controlling hair loss. Clinical studies have demonstrated the positive effects of Tricomin® Triamino Copper Complex™ on hair follicles. Hair care products with Triamino Copper Complex restore health and vitality to your hair.