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Pyratine LLC is a specialty therapeutic development company that is engaged in the development of technologies that target the unmet needs in dermatology and skin care. The company’s extensive research collaborations have resulted in a strong pipeline of over a dozen new proprietary compounds and products with broad therapeutic applications including Kinetin and Zeatin, and the only FDA approved anti-aging product, Renova®.

Pyratine LLC products are non-prescription cosmeceuticals developed using pharmaceutical grade standards. The company employs hard science to measure water loss and the reduction of skin redness. In addition, the company utilizes high resolution photography and silicone profilometry to measure the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and skin roughness.

Pyratine puts the safety of its customers first and spares no expense. Products are only tested on human volunteers. Developed products are based on plant-based compounds that occur naturally in nature, avoiding acids and harsh chemicals. All Pyratine LLC products have been formulated for sensitive and irritated skin, making them suitable for all skin types.