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The Miracle Blanket is by far, the most tested, tried and effective product of its kind. As your baby grows, the blanket grows with it! Wait is this a joke? The blanket stretches with the babies growth to allow for proper movement and development of her hip and knee joints. The Miracle Blanket allows you to wrap your baby in whatever position is most comfortable for them. The blanket has been tested to gaurantee the stop of colic, helping babies sleep better and longer. The Miracle Blanket also helps prevent facial scratches throughout the night. The Miracle Blanket is made of 100% super-soft breathable cotton knit – perfect for any season. It's simple design containts no buttons, straps, Velcro, knots, or zippers. The Miracle Blanket was made to make both your life and your babies life easier and more restful, giving a peaceful sleep to everyone. 

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