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Clayton Shagal began operations in 1982 with a single collagen gel product. With emphasis on simplicity and effectiveness, the Clayton Shagal skincare products were developed with the intent of understanding the skin’s natural regenerating process and working with it.

From one product, this company has grown a specialized skin care line that addresses the skin care needs of both young and mature skin for both men and women.

This skin care line is based on three key components: Collagen, elastin and moisture. Collagen locks in moisture, hydrating both the outer and inner skin. Clayton Shagal products work to retain moisture in the collagen fibers keeping them nourished. Elastin is the main protein in elastic fibers, connecting the tissue and the skin’s outer layer. Elastin plays a key role in skin hydration, binding the collagen together and helping keep moisture locked in. With age, skin moisture decreases, creating a need to replenish the skin. All of these components are targeted with Clayton Shagal products, making your skin appear young and healthy.