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TURO SKIN Multi Active Shave

Turo Skin

This isn't shaving cream... this is the best shave you've ever had.  We are talking major shaving indulgence – as in this is better than having the barber show up at your house each morning and give you a straight blade shave.

Why is it so good? Why is this the best shave cream? Because it isn’t “just” shaving cream.  What starts as a light and soothing cream transforms into foam once it is applied to your skin.  When that happens, your skin is exfoliated – allowing for the closest possible shave.  Then moisturizers penetrate your skin, leading to reduced redness and chafing.  And anti-aging ingredients like Algae Extract and Glucosamine HCL then go to work – because who wants a close shave only so they can see more wrinkles.  

It feels luxurious, it smells clean, and it disappears leaving nothing but smooth and soothed skin.  All that...