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Protection Kit - Mini


  • POCKET-SIZED PROTECTION: Fits into your pocket and busy lifestyle! Each individually wrapped kit is small but mighty-contains mask,hand sanitizing gel and hand sanitizing alcohol wipes.
  • TRAVEL APPROVED: Small enough to go through airport security and airline approved. Convenient for business travel or for the whole family. Stay safe and have the advantage of being able to sanitize on the go!
  • CONVENIENT: The compact size means you can stash our mini personal protection kits anywhere-from your car's glove compartment to your desk or your dorm room. Perfect for stocking up so you never run out.
  • IDEAL FOR EVENTS: Easily and simply maintain safety anywhere people gather with an individual pack of face masks, alcohol wipes and hand sanitizing gel for each individual. Sporting events, meetings, family gatherings, etc.
  • COVERS ANY PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT NEED: Schools, healthcare facilities and workers, offices, etc.

(1) Disposable Face Mask

(1) Hand Sanitizing Gel - Individually Wrapped

(1) Alcohol Wipe - Individually Wrapped

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