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Maki's Disposable Diaper Changing Kit to Go with Contains 3 Individual Packs Size 3

Skin Care Heaven

Maki's All-in-One Disposable Diaper Changing Kit makes changing your baby on the go super easy and convenient. No more worries about forgetting anything. No more messy and stinky diaper changes in public places because you left something at home. No more mad and sad mommy moments…you get the idea… We just made your life easier, happier and better by packing all of the essentials you need in one portable, compact diaper changing kit. Simply grab and go- we’ve got you covered! Each kit contains the essential gear for keeping baby and caregivers happy while out and about. With a disposable changing pad, 3 super absorbent diapers,10 baby wipes, 3 diaper rash creams, 3 hand sanitizing gel packets, 3 hand cleaning wipes and 3 freshly scented diaper disposal sacks, plus 3 disposable face masks, you’re armed and ready for whatever the day’s adventures may bring. Forget about bulky, awkward and overstuffed diaper bags! Maki's Disposable Diaper Changing Kit is compact and portable. It fits easily into your backpack or purse without taking up precious space or adding extra heft to your load. Traveling light has never been easier! We created this handy kit and packed it with plenty of everything you need so there’s no more tedious packing or wasting time searching for items you need. No more fussing for the baby or you! Now you can have the ultimate baby changing experience and feel like a Super Parent with Maki’s Disposable Diaper Changing Kit To Go!