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Lierac Paris Anti Aging Shaving System for Men

Lierac Paris

Lierac Paris Anti Aging Shaving System for Men is a perfect combination of products that not only leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed, but also moisturized and protected in three easy steps: Exfoliation, shave and moisturization.

This kit contains three products from the Lierac Men’s Line:

  • Lierac Purifying Cleanser and Micro-exfoliating Facial Foaming Gel (3.6 oz): Cleanses the skin and prepare it for a smooth, close and comfortable shave.
  • Lierac Express Shaving Foam (5.2 oz): A non-irritating moisturizing and creamy shaving foam with a high concentration of coating agents to protect the facial skin from razor burns.
  • Lierac Soothing Balm (2.6 oz): An after-shave moisturizer that relieves shaving discomfort.