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Holiday Themed Gift Pack

Skin Care Heaven

This Holiday Season, give the most precious gift of all- GOOD HEALTH! Our Platinum Collection is the ULTIMATE, most comprehensive assortment of personal health and hygiene supplies on earth - we’ve selected the most unique and hard to find items to create a truly special Holiday Gift Set. Each beautifully designed, reusable, eco-friendly zip top bag includes the following: Varieties for a Total of 11 Kits

  • 10 pack Hand Sanitizing Gel Packets Kit
  • 30 pack Hand Cleansing Wipes
  • 50 pack Disposable 3-ply Face Masks
  • Kids Holiday Edition Face Mask Kit with BONUS 16 Holiday/ Christmas themed stickers
  • 10 pack 5 Ply Filtered Face Masks
  • PPE Kit for Two (2 masks, 2 wipes, 2 pairs of gloves)
  • PPE Kit To Go All-in-One (1 mask, 1 hand sanitizing gel, 1 hand wipe, 1 pair of gloves)
  • PPE Kit To Go (1 mask, 1 hand wipe, 1 pair of gloves)
  • (3) PPE Mini Kits: 3 pocket-sized PPE Kits (1 mask, 1 wipe, 1 hand sanitizing gel)

 This IS the UNIQUE GIFT SET you’ve been looking for! Who doesn't want to give a memorable and one-of-a-kind gift? Now your search is over- you’ve discovered it! Buy enough to GIVE, SHARE and KEEP FOR YOURSELF!