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Disposable Mask Protection Kit TO GO, pack of 5

Skin Care Heaven

(5) Disposable Face Mask

This kit of 5 Disposable Face Masks helps provide essential protection to defend against, and to remain safe from, bacteria and germs encountered during everyday activities outside of the home.

Masks are packaged in a resealable plastic bag for easy storage and portability.



When You Need Maximum Protection from Bacteria and Germs, Trust Our Disposable Mask Protection Kit

The disposable mask will maximize your effort to mitigate airborne pathogens from entering your nasal passages and mouth. This covering will shield and defend your face from particles carrying dangerous viruses, bacteria, dust, smoke, pollution and allergy-inducing microbes.   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending the voluntary use of face masks in public.

All contents are packaged in a Resealable plastic bag, making travel convenient as well.  Whether you are travelling by plane, train our automobile, having one of these on your person will give you the added level of safety needed to remain healthy.

In this time of uncertainty those leaving their homes in heavily populated metropolitan areas are wise to be conscientious in protecting yourself and your family. When you purchase and use this Personal Protection Kit of Masks, you will have peace of mind that you are taking necessary steps to mitigate the potential for infection during these troubling times.

And, if you happen to be ill yourself, you will prevent the spread of germs and bacteria to others.