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Disposable Diaper Changing Kit to Go with 3 Individual Packs Size 3

Skin Care Heaven

  • All-In-One Convenient diaper changing kits come with all the necessities for quick, clean, and effortless diaper changing no matter where you are. Easy to use- even for newbies!
  • WE PACKED EVERYTHING UP FOR YOU! Each of the 3 individual packs is filled with 3 diapers, 3 scented diaper disposal sacks, 3 diaper rash cream packets, 3 hand wipes, 3 hand sanitizers, 10 baby wipes,1 changing pad and 3 disposable face masks. These kits are an absolute must for every parent, grandparent, babysitter or caregiver who takes the baby out of the house!
  • TAKE YOUR DIAPER CHANGING KITS ANYWHERE! Compact and lightweight, our kits are an essential part of your on-the-go baby changing station. Travel-friendly, leak and spill-proof packaging make these kits a game changer for busy, active families. Whether you’re off to the park, the mall, the beach or going camping and hiking, don’t leave home without them!
  • HAPPY BABY, HAPPY LIFE: With our super absorbent diapers, freshly scented baby wipes and gentle diaper rash cream, your baby will be happy, comfortable and clean. Bonus- you’ll be happy that you saved time and energy by buying this kit! Go ahead, spoil yourself with this super time saver!
  • BE SMART, STOCK UP! Our kits are easy to store and perfect for sharing and gift-giving. Be sure to have extras for when Grandma and Grandpa take baby for the day!

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