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Clayton Shagal Hand Cream

Clayton Shagal

Enriched with aloe vera and Vitamin E, Clayton Shagal Hand Cream is a universal moisturizing cream designed with your hands in mind.  With powerful moisture-infusing ingredients that aim to hydrate even the deepest layers of your skin as well as targeted treatments that reduce the appearance of discoloration while tightening skin, Clayton Shagal Hand Cream will change the way you think about hand care.  

Remember, oftentimes the first thing people see after your face is your hands.  They also always happen to be exposed to the elements - the sun, environmental damagers, free radicals.  This makes them particularly susceptible to damage, dehydration and aging.  Clayton Shagal Hand Cream aims to correct hess problems and protect the delicate skin of your hands from further damage.  After use, you’ll feel hydration and notice an improved complexion that gives you the confidence to put your hand out for everyone to see.