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Clayton Shagal Gel Lotion Cleanser

Clayton Shagal

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Clayton Shagal Gel Lotion Cleanser is a triple action cleanser that, first, cleanses the skin from dirt, debris, and oil.  Second, it tones the skin for an even complexion and taut appearance.  And third, it effectively removes even waterproof makeup and mascara.  

Gel Lotion Cleanser is great for all types of skin, and it is particularly helpful with sensitive skin and oily skin.  It provides proper moisture while removing excess oil to balance the skin’s oil content and pH, eliminating impurities in the skin that cause aging and blemishes while maintaining epidermal balance.

Additionally, it works excellently as a shaving gel, reducing irritation so common after shaving.  Men even love it as a replacement for their normal shaving cream!

Hydrating and cleansing, Clayton...