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70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 50 Packets


  • DISINFECTING CONVENIENT HAND SANITIZER PACKETS PERFECT FOR YOUR DAILY COMMUTE - The new normal includes constant hand sanitizing in order to prevent the spread of germs. Instead of carrying around bulky bottles, keep individual packets on you in bulk.
  • TRAVEL HAND SANITIZER THAT KILLS BACTERIA, VIRUSES, AND MICROBES - Our 70% alcohol based sanitizer is antibacterial and antimicrobial. With individual packets you don't need to worry about microbes on the sanitizer bottle itself!
  • SMALL HAND SANITIZER TRAVEL SIZE IN INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED PACKETS for ONE TIME USE - Perfect for sanitizing on a flight or train while traveling, at the office, or at home. With our pack of 50 individually packaged alco-gel packets, conveniently stock your purse or backpack with packets to use at the mall, gym or supermarket.
  • HAND SANITIZER PACKETS THAT MOISTURIZE YOUR HANDS AND WON'T IRRITATE SKIN - Keep your skin clean and moisturized with our alcohol wipes - gentle on the hands, they refresh and moisturize without irritating the skin.
  • 70 % ALCOHOL SANITIZER GEL FORMULATED WITHOUT HARMFUL TOXIC CHEMICALS - We've made sure that our alochol gel contains no parabens, phthalates, aluminum, dyes, sulfates or triclosan. Toxic-free and effective, they're an easy way to keep safe and healthy.

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