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25 Pack - Full Protection Faceshield

Skin Care Heaven

  • EXCELLENT QUALITY & VALUE: Made from high quality, durable materials to the highest international safety standards. 25 Antifog clear protective shields plus fun stickers in each package.
  • ULTRA- CLEAR & ANTI-FOG: Designed to provide super clear visibility. Lightweight, durable, comfortable. Cleanable and reusable. Clear visibility while protecting your health and safety.
  • WEAR COMFORTABLY: Stay protected for long periods of time without fogging up or needing to wipe down. Designed for maximum comfort. Pair with mask for extra protection.
  • IDEAL FOR MOST WORKPLACES: Our personal protective face shields may be worn in just about any workplace environment. Excellent for salon and spa professionals, restaurant workers, food services, retailers, warehouses, medical/dental offices, schools, and more. Wear indoors and outdoors.

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