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pH Advantage Vitamin C Immune Support for Adults with Zinc Picolinate

pH Advantage

  • BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY and RECOVER FASTER with pH ADVANTAGE'S VITAMIN C CAPSULES WITH ZINC - As an antioxidant vitamin C has been shown to reduce cell damage from free-radicals and supports collagen formation for healthy joints, skin, and gums. Also helps reduce the length of any illness.
  • TAP INTO THE MANY HEALTH BENEFITS of THE READILY ABSORPTION ZINC PICOLINATE: Zinc is a naturally occurring mineral that exerts antioxidant activity and supports a healthy immune system. It can be used as an aid for digestion, metabolism, and is also used to for healthier skin and acne relief. When Zinc is in it's picolinate form it's more readily absorbed by the body.
  • GIVE ADDED STRENGTH TO YOUR RESPIRATORY SYSTEM USING PURE VITAMIN C WITH ZINC CAPSULES - pH Advantage Vitamin C Zinc supplements support proper respiratory function. Our supplements contain only premium quality all natural ingredients. We've put quality at the top of our priorities to bring you this powerful immune support vitamin C and zinc combination.
  • NON-ACIDIC and HYPOALLERGENIC - SAFE and GENTLE FOR YOUR STOMACH and DIGESTIVE SYSTEM - Our unique formula contains ingredients for sensitivity protection and anti-hypersensitivity so you can be sure that it's suitable for your diet and health needs. The vitamin c we use is sodium ascorbate rather than the standard ascorbic acid powder to keep a balanced pH level.
  • GLUTEN FREE, KOSHER, and SUITABLE FOR VEGANS: The pH Advantage Zinc and Vitamin C Supplement is made with vegetarian capsules, certified Kosher, do not contain GMOs, and is gluten free. Boost your immune system with peace of mind knowing that your supplements are completely natural and safe.


pH Advantage Vitamin C Immune Support for Adults with Zinc Picolinate

pH Advantage was founded by Dr. Barry Cohen in response to the growing demand for all natural skin care products that are effective at both healing and preserving the skin. The decision to develop a natural Vitamin C and Zinc supplement was due to the fact that both Vitamin C and Zinc have been shown to be essential in the development and maintenance of the skin, teeth, and bones.

Product Features:  60 Count

500mg Vitamin C from non-acidic sodium ascorbate 

15 mg Zinc Picolinate - A readily absorbed form of zinc

All natural ingredients

Includes sensitivity protection




Our Commitment:  pH Advantage is committed to the quality of its products and dedication of its customer service. If you have any questions, issues, or concerns with our product please contact us and we will do our best to help you in any way possible.

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