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Exuviance Vitamin C+ Antiaging Booster


The ExuvianceVitamin C+ Antiaging Booster is a proven de-ager in a daily moisturizer. The anti-aging power lies in the pure vitamin C which is essential for creating skin-firming and wrinkle-reducing collagen. The ExuvianceVitamin C is a stable, 100% pure, active powder formulation which has proven to be an essential co-factor in collagen synthesis. Together with all the other secret ingredients, this booster helps fade the appearance of unwanted dark spots while it helps strengthen the skin's defenses against future discoloration and signs of aging. It also helps restore luminosity while protecting the skin from aging free radicals.

This unique, stability-enhanced formulation is an anhydrous powder, contained in an opaque container with a shaker top, perfect for combining the optimal dose into a serum or moisturizer just prior to use.